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    Meditation Vs. Medication: An Honest Mistake or a Profound Thought?

    As I was searching for an image today, I intended to type “MediTation”, and instead typed “MediCation”! How often do I do this with different words? All the time! You see, the thing is that our minds automatically go where we are comfortable. We drive to places that we’ve been to a thousand times… even though we meant to drive somewhere new. We pick up the phone intending to call a friend, and instead dial the number for MOM, because… it’s familiar. We’ve been calling Mom for as long as we can remember!

    So, what does this mean? I have no idea! I’m not a psychologist!

    BUT, it makes me think… are we programmed to think and behave a certain way?  Do we look for mediCation before something like mediTation to heal?

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a time and place for medication. Our modern-day advances in technology and medicines are life-saving… to say the least. But, do we jump to it for every ailment before exploring other options?

    Maylo tells us that Nutrition Matters. We even offer a Nutrition Matters t-shirt. And I believe it! What we put into our body determines what we get out of our body!

    Tom tells us that exercise matters… not just exercise, but the right exercise! Taking care of our bodies with stretching, foam rolling and exercises that push our bodies is key.

    So, my question today is this… how could you improve your circumstance by improving your whole-body wellness?

    For me, it’s a focus on taking time to listen to my body! It so often tells me when it needs REST to recharge. Or, if I’m feeling anxious and restless, it’s telling me to get out and take a run! Share your thoughts below…


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    The Importance of Daily Cardio

    People often ask themselves , “what can I do to keep my heart healthy everyday?” The obvious answers are exercising and eating healthy. While eating healthy is a big part of it, exercise is equally important. You don’t have to run out and buy a gym membership, especially if it’s not in your budget. There are cardio exercises that you can do in your own home for 20-30 minutes each day that will help you to stay active.

    Walking is a great cardio workout! There are many benefits to walking around the block, around your neighborhood or if you’re lucky enough to have a path or trail nearby, even better! What if it’s cold outside and you can’t go out and walk? Walk around inside your house, up and down stairs or around the outer walls. There are many great floor exercises you can do that get your heart rate up, too. Consider yoga or other fitness exercises in your living room.

    If that’s too confining, consider going to a shopping mall. As long as you are staying active, and getting that cardio time in each day, you will have more energy and will definitely feel better.