About Us

Indigo began as a collaboration of healthcare professionals, health-tech experts, and health insurance specialists. We hold one common goal as the heart of our mission: Help everyday families and small business owners find affordable health care options. Gig workers and self-employed individuals deserve access to inexpensive healthcare. 

We believe that everyone has a right to affordable, convenient healthcare and resources, regardless of income, age, or location. 

Illnesses don’t discriminate, neither should your healthcare.

With a combined six to seven decades of experience in an evolving healthcare sector, our Care Partners provide members with the highest quality of expertise and service. Coupled with sophisticated technology, we are able to offer members faster, easier access to healthcare professionals and resources. 

And all at an affordable cost.

If you’re a gig worker or self-employed individual, or small business owner, struggling with COBRA health insurance alternatives, or need cheap healthcare options, let our experienced staff help. If you’ve recently found yourself unemployed or underemployed, let us help you connect with inexpensive healthcare solutions.

We believe that every family and small business owner deserves health coverage. We believe in our mission, we believe in you, your family, and your business.