About Us

Indigo began as a collaboration of healthcare professionals, health-tech experts, and health insurance specialists. We hold one common goal as the heart of our mission: Help everyday families and small business owners find affordable health care options. Gig workers and self-employed individuals deserve access to the same quality healthcare and benefits as large companies.

We believe that everyone has a right to affordable, convenient healthcare and resources, regardless of income, age, or location. 

Illnesses don’t discriminate, neither should your healthcare.

If you’re a gig worker, sole proprietor, or small business owner struggling to find affordable health insurance, healthcare or benefits, let our experienced staff help! 

We believe that every family and small business owner deserves health coverage.

We believe in our mission, we believe in you, your family, and your business.


Jacquelynn Neat is a licensed Benefits Specialist and Founder of Indigo Care Partners, but her passion drives Indigo Care Partners. Jacque brings her experience and relationships to Indigo Care Partners, in an effort to design AFFORDABLE healthcare benefits. For two decades, her efforts provided small business owners, proprietors and self-employed workers with peace of mind. Indigo now offers an aggregation of resources and benefits that meet the increasing healthcare insurance crisis in America. Insurance premiums have increased so dramatically throughout the years. Most of Jacquelynn’s small business owners and self employed are paying extraordinarily high premiums, even with high deductibles. The disaggregation of independent brokers by insurance companies makes finding small group plans even more difficult.

Jacquelynn believes there is a better way! Her vision for Indigo is to allow Small Business Owners to find their own coverage and to compete more effectively for great people. Indigo Care Partners is a leading Small Business Resource Portal. Jacquelynn can provide healthcare insurance plan advice, but more importantly, the Indigo Small Business Resource Portal offers discounted services that lower the overall cost of healthcare each year. Small businesses, proprietors and gig workers no longer need to feel left behind. There is something for them, too!

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