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Bringing back fun with board games!

Remember the days of board games? Do kids these days even know about them?  I decided to do some research with my own kids to find out how we can ‘turn off the tech‘–get away from tv, cell phones, social media.  I just want to spend a fun afternoon playing with my kids.

An oldie but a goodie: Cards!  There are a lot of fun card games out there. My old fav is Uno. It has been updated a few times, and my kids and I love it. Another one of my daughter’s favorites, believe it or not, is Old Maid. There is just so much laughing and excitement that it creates. Go fish and Skip-Bo are a few others that can be a lot of fun.

Board games are a bit more challenging. I had to dig them out of the closet.  I dusted them off and was able to find several that I used to love to play when I was young. Life, Sorry, Clue, Risk and of course Monopoly. We had so much fun back then!

I gathered my kids up, and started the Game of Life. Its an older version. You basically have to put the board together and get the wheel on straight, but my kids really enjoyed spinning,  moving their cars around the board, collecting their cards and money as they went. Of course as a Mom, I’m trying to incorporate a few real world vs Life, as a board game, along the way.

Next up, Sorry! Choosing your favorite color pieces, rolling the dice, moving around the board, and trying to be the first one to get all of their pieces back to their “home”. Mine is a Disney version, but its basically the same as the original Sorry.

Finally, can’t leave it out, Clue! Who did the deed?  The suspense of a crime committed, in what room, with what weapon?  How much fun!  We laughed and chatted as we found our way through the mansion looking for clues?

So, where do we get board games any more? There are a few you can still get at Walmart, Target… or better yet, Amazon! But, most of us have a few sitting on a shelf collecting dust. The real truth, board games have taken a backseat to video games and electronic devices. There’s just something very different about family relationships formed over a great board game!

With summer break coming, and the old familiar ‘we have nothing to do!’,  maybe its time to dig them out, dust them off and show the kiddos a new kind of fun!   Make a few memories playing Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Battleship and other games that we all grew up enjoying.

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