Moving into Summer: One Dad’s way of Staying ahead of his kids

Moving into Summer with kids is always tough…here’s one Dad’s advice!

I have three very active little boys, twin 7-year-olds and a 3-year-old. As my household transitions over from the indoor winter hermit to the outdoor action hero’s and superstar athletes, we have one mantra in the house “Wear them out”. That’s right, take those kids and go do anything that makes them use their brains and brawn. The days are longer so there is time to play catch, kick a ball, and bike ride after you get home from work. Simple activities give me a chance to talk to my kids… not just at them.

I am a big believer that shared experiences lead to shared motivation and goals, which lead to opportunities to talk. I also try to get the kids involved in any of my big “Honey Do Tasks”. It does slow the process down, but it has always amazed me how much confidence, skill, and can-do attitude it has built in my boys. You should hear them talk about the next project they want to do… and a lot less about watching TV and playing on an iPad. Nothing drives me more crazy then to hear my kids whine about wanting to watch someone else do something that they could do or learn to do on YouTube.

Here is our Summer Bucket-List! Feel free to borrow it!

  1. Try Geocaching, letterboxing, or another form of treasure hunting
  2. Find a Nature Trail to hike
  3. Build a project together- Picnic Table and an outdoor couch
  4. Camping and Fishing
  5. Sports
  6. Moving rocks and digging a hole in the yard- it’s hilarious, its the same pile we move back and forth I just find different reasons to move them around
  7. Sidewalk Chaulk- Speed Ladder, Hop Scotch,
  8. Bike Ride- I have to pull my youngest in a trailer, but he is a good for laughs as a  backseat driver.
  9. Current Project- Backyard Obstacle Course
  10. Work towards earning the boys’ Theatre Badge for Scouts

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