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Just How Hungry Are You

The Hunger Scale is a great way to work out the best time to stop eating and still feel satisfied and full.

Remember to keep fluid levels up so that you can recognize and know what real hunger feels like and not be confused with thirst.

Most people enjoy their food and eat comfortably when they are between 3-6 on the scale

The Hunger Scale

  • Ravenous – Weak and light-headed
  • Starving – Irritable and unable to concentrate
  • Hungry- Uncomfortably hungry with a rumbling stomach
  • Aware- Slightly uncomfortable
  • Neutral– not hungry or full
  • Satisfied– Perfectly comfortable
  • Full – Past the point of satisfaction
  • Stuffed – Bloated and need to loosen clothes
  • Aching – Very uncomfortably full
  • Sick- Nauseous, physically miserable

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