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Dessert Makeover

Do you consider desserts “bad foods”? While it is always okay to indulge in those full fat desserts occasionally (as they fit into your healthy lifestyle balance), there are healthier choices you can make that will not tip the scale.

  • Make smaller portions of your favorite dessert. Instead of serving up a 4 inch piece of cake try baking mini cupcakes
  • Add fruits to replace some add-ins like chocolate, caramel and candy pieces.
  • Buy seasonal fruit and serve it for dessert
  • Serve up a yogurt parfait instead of a bowl of ice cream
  • Replace half the butter in recipes with pureed fruits like applesauce, pumpkin puree or mashed bananas
  • Use a heart healthy nut butter like peanut butter in place of butter
  • Reduce the sugar in recipes by 1/3. You won’t even miss the extra sugar

Added Bonus: Do some fun actvities later

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