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When CRAZY breaks out this Holiday…5 Fun Tips

We all know the stress the holidays can bring. Even in the most generous and loving of families, the holidays seem to generate heightened emotions and even a few unexpected outbursts. Who knows why? Family invades our space…or packing to travel…finding the right gifts…hours of preparing foods…all of it brings about a special kind of stress.

Holidays seem to generate words and feelings about family and friends that are possibly not even how we really feel – or how they feel about us. But, the stress creates word throw-up! Stupid jokes or pranks that hit too close to home, conflicts of yesteryear, tears for those no longer with us, or possibly just loneliness or jealousy.

Does it really matter what or why? We’d probably all be better to be ducks…just let it slide off the back.

But, the Holidays make me a tightly wound individual – my face even looks tense. I find myself wanting to fight back emotionally, become just as snippy as others. But it’s all so inconsistent with how I really feel.

So, I simply hold it all inside.






If you are like me, what can you do to relieve it? Be kind to yourself! In the past few years, I’ve made it a habit to take care of me during the Holidays.

Here are a few great tips for managing Holiday stress.

1. Keep hydrated. No wine and liquor does not count! Drink plenty of water. As we rush around to get things done, we tend to drink the wrong beverages. Make a conscious effort to take a water bottle wherever you go!

2. Keep your exercise schedule. It’s not easy, but find 30 minutes every day for exercise. Or, better yet, make sure you catch a Yoga Stretch class and work out the kinks building up in your hips and back.

3. Eat healthy. The Holidays are filled with too much sugar – it’s really not a food group, regardless of what Elf says! Make a conscious effort to place fresh foods – fruits, vegetables, healthy munchies — on the table and snack bar.

4. Schedule a Massage. My personal favorite. After a day of shopping, treat yourself to an evening at the spa. Just 30 minutes neck and upper back can make a huge difference.

5. Laugh…often. Find a way to be jovial, knowing that everyone will go home soon!

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