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Snack Attack


Snack attacks can come at any time of the day or night. Snacks were once looked at as a way of ruining your dinner. Well not anymore. The truth is that snacks can be a perfectly healthy way to help fight off the hunger pains and fuel your body between meals. Snacking does not mean grazing from the cookie jar to a bag of chips in a quest to control your hunger. It means choosing a snack that will give you a little boost of energy when you need or to tide you over until your next meal. Snacking becomes unhealthy when your snack interferes with other meals and results in not being hungry for those meals.

Are you an active person that ever feels tired or grouchy between meals? If you answered yes, then it is likely you may need to refuel your body periodically throughout the day. A healthy nutritious snack can give you the little pick-me-up you need. If it’s close to mealtime you might want to hold off. I good snacking guideline is to have one or two snacks a day. Scheduling regular snack times each day can help alleviate some of the pressure of choosing a not so healthy snack when you get hungry. A morning snack is one opportunity you can choose to refuel and mid-afternoon is another.

So what should you eat? Some great choices include fruit, yogurt, cut-up veggies, popcorn, nuts, cheese or a piece of whole grain bread with some peanut butter on it. It’s best to try to avoid high-sugar, high-fat treats that won’t keep you satisfied very long. An orange, for example, will give you the energy you need at that moment and it will also provide you with a good source of vitamin C. Choosing potato chips, on the other hand, contain a lot of calories and fat, something most people don’t need. Whole grain foods are also good for snacking as they will help you feel full longer due to the fiber content in the food. A whole grain muffin will stick with you longer then a cookie. That’s not to say you can’t have a cookie or chips once in awhile, but try to make your regular snacks more nutritious. Guage your hunger. If you’re feeling mildly hungry, maybe a piece of fruit will do the trick. But if you are feeling extra hungry at snack time, and lunch or dinner is still a long way off, try a snack with a little more sustenance like a whole wheat tortilla topped with black beans and salsa, whole grain cereal with skim milk, or an English muffin pizza.

Portable Super Snacks

Vendible Super Snacks

Snacking Tips

  • Dry cereal
  • whole grain crackers
  • yogurt
  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit
  • baby carrots
  • string cheese
  • peanut butter sandwich
  • nuts (peanuts, almonds, soy nuts or walnuts)
  • sunflower seeds
  • Granola bars
  • trail mix
  • low-fat or fat-free milk
  • yogurt smoothies in a bottle
  • 100% fruit juice
  • animal crackers
  • baked chips
  • peanut butter crackers
  • pretzels
  • fresh fruit
  • nuts and seeds
  • Schedule regular snack times and only if you are hungry.
  • Don’t eat because you are bored, watching TV or to reward yourself for finishing task.
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