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Diet covers more ground than you think

When you hear the word ‘diet’ what comes to your mind? Restriction? Food? Broth and vegetables? Or diet programs?

The truth is that the origins of the word ‘diet’ from the Anglo-French, ‘diete’…from the Latin ‘diaeta’…and from the Greek ‘diaita’…literally means ‘A Manner of Living’ or “To lead one’s own life”.

Certainly, according to Websters…diet can mean ‘a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly to reduce one’s weight’. But Websters also defines ‘Diet’ as ‘ something provided or experienced repeatedly.’

So, let’s think about that for a moment. This would indicate that what we read is a type of diet, what music we listen to is a type of diet, even the company we keep and yes, our thought life, (did you really think I wouldn’t bring that up?) is a type of diet. We are so enthusiastic about jumping into a new diet to lose weight…so full of hope and excitement about the results that are promised. We weigh and measure and follow everything perfectly.

Have you ever tried to go on a diet only to be made all the more difficult because everybody that you are around eats totally differently?

Or, a diet that was a struggle because of all of the ads for food and drive through hamburger that you see on tv?

Your lifestyle ‘diet’ is a big factor in your success! Maybe if we adopt the word ‘diet’ into our vocabulary, as more than just food, as a word for any habit or ‘something provided repeatedly’ that would hamper or change your efforts to reach a goal.  Or, maybe that ‘something provided repeatedly’ could be creating stress and anxiety in your life.  Maybe, we would put the same enthusiasm into our lifestyle diet? So, next time you feel the need to kickstart a new diet…let that word cover more ground than just your food intake. Take a look at your life and habits as a whole. Why wouldn’t you? You, after all, are a whole person.

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