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Master of the Storms

In perusing some old notes of mine, I fell upon the word ‘Master’ and the few thoughts I wrote around it. Obviously, I was trying to sort something out. Trying to encourage myself during what seems to have been a difficult time.

‘Mastery’…I wrote…’is being able to choose the tone of your own energy in any given moment’.
‘Mastery is the ability to occupy an uncomfortable situation with a sense of where you are inside and a deep level of command as to how you behave’.

Well, I can assure you that I am not a Master. I am a regular, fumbling human who is simply trying to do better….just like you.

And, in trying to bring balance and calm to my busy mind and passionate heart, I have found a few practices that help tremendously.

I have found that I cannot even begin to approach any kind of Mastery without humility. It starts, at least for me, with becoming truly grateful for all of the unsavory, uncomfortable moments of my life.

I say to them….each one of them….”thank you for teaching me to bow down”.
“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to choose who I will be.”

Can you find this within yourself? This is not an easy work, but it will lift your heart…I promise. You cannot get to mastery without first becoming okay…even grateful…for all the storms that you have weathered.

So, stay alert… aware. Notice when the grumbling begins in your head and make the decision to say ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to CHOOSE who I will be.’

If we all make different, small choices, we can all make big changes.



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