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The Power of Words

I have been thinking about the power of words, lately. How there are most definitely words that can set your nervous system on edge. Words like ‘mass’ and ‘lymph nodes’, or ‘IRS’.  Words like ‘we need to talk’ and ‘are you sitting down?’.

And, there are those other words that send us soaring…like ‘it’s a boy!’ (or girl) and ‘I am falling in love with you’.  Or, a hearty ‘congratulations!’ or ‘you got the job’.


There are words that we long for…we wait sometimes years to hear. The words ‘I love you’ spoken at the right time, by the right person can make us rise up and become more than we ever thought possible.

And, the right words spoken at the wrong time can be missed…overlooked…not heard. Their power laying on the ground like spilled jewels.  And, the wrong words, carelessly tossed out at the exact right moment, can derail someone.

Oh, the Power of Words! Do you ever really consider how what you say, and WHEN you say it, affects those that you love?

And how do we live in between these words? How are you supposed to keep on with your day-to-day responsibilities when the words you heard yesterday were full of dread? How do you show up for life when powerful, scary words are still hanging in your heart?

My wonderful daughter told me once, “Mama, remember, no matter what comes to you…the odds are that more good can come of it than bad!”

These are the type of words that help us ‘show up’. Words that carry the weight of faith, hope and love are the key. They hold the heart and keep us breathing when showing up feels like the most impossible thing.

My hope is that some small word here can encourage you. My hope is that we remember to be careful with our words….for in them we hold the power of love and life.

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