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Reigniting Relationships

Valentine’s Day!  This week is a special week of candy, cards and date night on the town — at least for some.

For others, it is a week of painful reminders.  Love and Joy of past times and sadness for its loss.  It doesn’t matter why.  It could be due to angry words, a lost friend, a breakup, divorce or death of a loved one.  It is easy to allow pain and sorrow to take over the mind and heart.

But, as Maylo says, what we think and feel is a choice.  Where we go, and what we do is a choice.  Don’t let this day isolate you from others.

Choose to reignite a relationship! It doesn’t have to be a serious thing.  It can just be for fun.

Buy a card for a coworker.  Call a family member.  Text an old friend, Hello!  Attend a Yoga class, and bring cookies.  Better, yet, ask a friend to dinner, and dress like it’s a date!

You just might find, that friend was waiting for someone, too!

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