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Say No to Hectic Mornings with this System!

prostack blender bottle

prostack blender bottleI don’t know about you but it seems like no matter how hard I try I am always running late in the morning and need to grab my breakfast on the go. I ran across this product, the Prostak Blender Bottle, a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! Therefore, that is why I decided to choose this product as my featured product for the month. The Prostak Blender Bottle has five features, that I think makes it one of the best “on-the-go” breakfast tools out there.

1. The ProStak Blender Bottle comes with two jars designed to carry healthy snacks and meal replacement protein powders. These jars can be used with or without the bottle making them the perfect on-the-go containers. I like to fill up my jars at night for the next day so they are ready to go in the morning. When I wake each morning, I grab my ProStak, a pre-filled jar, lock it onto the bottom of the bottle, and I’m ready to go. While it’s not necessarily difficult to fill up the jars every morning, this is just one more way to streamline my routine and simplify my day.

2. For those of you that like to drink a protein shake in the morning the whisk ball specific to the Blender Bottle is included. The whisk ball is unique because it will gurantee a smooth shake no matter what you put in it, peanut butter, soft bananas, yogurt or any kind of flour or protein powder.

3. This next feature is one of my favorites because I am notorious for forgetting to take my daily vitamins in the morning before leaving the house in a mad dash. The removable twist n’ lock vitamin organizer is perfect for storing your daily vitamins in the same container as your protein shake, and other morning snacks. This container will locks right into the bottom of the jar and saves space and keeps things organized so you don’t forget anything in the morning.

4. The ProStak Blender Bottle has a space saving feature that is perfect for the person who doesn’t have a lot of room in their kitchen. The jars actually fit inside the bottle, bringing the ProStak down to the same height as a 28oz water bottle. However, if you need even more space, simply remove both jars altogether, and you’ve got a mini Blender Bottle that should fit just about anywhere.

5. My final feature that makes this product one of my favorites is that it is BPA and Phthalate free and won’t leech harmful chemicals into your drinks or snacks. The ProStack Blender Bottle is also top-rack dishwasher safe.

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