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Is Your Cereal Causing You to be Overweight?

Cereal scoop

5603 Cereal Scoop 1One of my favorite things to eat is cereal. I eat it most days of the week for breakfast, and sometimes for lunch and dinner as well. But, in today’s day and age the portion size of cereal is out of control! Why? Because our cereal bowls are so much larger than they used to be, which makes it really hard for me to know how much cereal is actually a serving.

Just as many of you know, I’m about seeing a problem and solving it! So, I picked Cereal Scoop as the newest product to add to our line of resources. Cereal Scoop is a measuring tool that, in just one scoop, measures one serving of cereal for your bowl. The cereal scoop is a no counting, no weighing, and hassle free nutrition tool that will help you maintain your health goals. It is a super convenient way to figure out how much you should be eating for breakfast in the morning. And, my favorite feature about the cereal scoop is that it stores perfectly in a box of cereal. That’s right… No more scouring the kitchen on those busy mornings to find whatever tool you’ve been using to measure your cereal.

Do you have kids? Even my 4-year-old can now make her own bowl of cereal and not spill it all over the floor or counter because she poured too much or wasn’t sure how much to put in her bowl. Yep! You’ve been there too, haven’t you? Cereal Scoop helps them measure the perfect portion of cereal and is mess free. Which is definitely a win in my book!

Just a warning… when I first used Cereal Scoop in one of my gigantic, oversized bowls at home, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough food. I know, it’s sad… I was so used to completely over-filling my bowl. What an eye-opener! I decided that instead of having two or three servings of cereal each morning, I will be using my cereal scoop to get one, JUST ONE, serving. Plus, that leaves plenty of room to add some healthy fresh fruits, nuts or seeds to the mix and make it an even more healthy breakfast that will leave me feeling full almost all morning.

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    How do I get one of the cereal scoop?

    April 21, 2016 at 6:46 pm
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