The cost of healthcare insurance is escalating out of control. But, there are solutions. Indigo Resources can help you save!

Indigo Care Partners: 24/7 Affordable Healthcare Options

What we do

You deserve the same access to benefits and resources that large corporations offer their employees.

Whether you are uninsured, under-insured, or need additional resources to navigate the ever-changing health care complexities, we are able to offer valuable resources and benefits packages created with your unique needs in mind.

Alternatives to Expensive Health Insurance & Healthcare

Indigo Care Partners provides alternatives to COBRA and unaffordable health insurance with low-cost healthcare solutions. If you have unique lifestyle needs, suffer from chronic illness or are caring for a loved one that is, Indigo Care Partners offers affordable solutions at your fingertips.

Uninsured or under-insured, now what?

Indigo Care Partners is here for you. Simply search our benefits options and health care solutions.

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A Real Story of "K"...

K. is 26 years old. She was no longer eligible for her parents’ insurance and learned of a 90 day waiting period for her new employer’s policy. On a tight budget, K. decided to take the risk of being uninsured. She developed ear pain and visited an urgent care center. She was asked for a co-pay and was treated for an ear infection.

On her way out, K. asked if she owed any more? “No, you are good!” said the front desk worker. A week later, K. was shocked when she opened her urgent care invoice…click to read more!

Get help like K did! Let professional help you review the charges on your bill...Contact Us!

HealthPerx – Lifestyle Benefits

We offer 3 unique packages to fit your unique lifestyle. Benefits include 24/7 $0 copay tele-medicine & counseling, Caregiver Support, Work Life Services, Financial Wellness & more!

Unified H.I.N.T.S — Patient Advocacy

UNIFIED H.I.N.T.S offers a premier concierge service featuring PERSONAL ADVOCATES and LIAISONS (PALS) who will work with you ONE to ONE to collect, organize, and manage your vital health information and important documents in one secure location. With the Unified H.I.N.T.S platform, personal health records are securely stored and shared with authorized family members and care providers, 24/7 from tablets, phones and computers.


Put health back into healthcare. The business of healthcare and insurance has made making health decisions ever more difficult for patients and families. Let Prism Health be your guide, during the most important times.

AND/life — Digital Wellness Program

Customizable exercise to fit your time & energy! Quick, easy recipes, 30 Day free trial!
When you are ready to try AND/life, please click this link on your phone or tablet!

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